Hello, and welcome to Tree of Life Personal & Spiritual Evolution.  I am Jennifer Bower, owner and the Co-founder of Ignis Spirae, a progressive Wiccan tradition. I began practicing as a solitary witch over 20 years ago before beginning formal training in the Wyvern Moon Tradition in 2013.  I trained with Lady Raven in the Coven of the Blue Moon Dragon until I was elevated to 3rd Degree in 2018.  As part of my formal training, I also studied Usui Shiki Ryoho-the Usui System of Reiki-becoming a Reiki Master.

My background combines education and experience in psychology and social work, training and extensive work in energy healing, and research and scholarship in neopagan theology and philosophy. For much of my career, prior to working full-time as an energy worker, I counseled clients who experienced emotional or physical trauma, including survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse.

Over the years, I have worked to integrate my formal education, my studies in Western esoteric magical traditions, and my training in energy healing modalities into a system of spiritual and personal development that vastly improved my quality of life and became the foundation for the services and classes offered at Tree of Life.

Since 2018, I have been active in the community as professional energy healer, certified life coach, and spiritual counselor.  I also teach a variety of classes and workshops on witchcraft and psychic development, as well as lead a local coven, the Coven of the Crossroads. 

I currently live in Charlotte, NC where I continue to study magick, the Qabalah, and energy healing with my family and three mischievous cats.