Tree of Life Rebranding as Liminal Spaces

Tree of Life Personal & Spiritual Evolution has been a project of love. It has assisted hundreds of people in planting seeds, nurturing themselves, and growing their full potential through Reiki, personal development, and classes on Wicca and psychic development.  And through the years, I too have grown. Each of you- clients, students, fellow travelers- touched my life in profound ways and I continue to be grateful and blessed with every opportunity to continue to do the work I so cherish and love. 

Now, it’s time to enter the next phase of the journey.  Over the last year and a half our community, our very world, has been stressed and tested like no other moment in my lifetime.  We have lost much and struggled mightily, but for many of us it’s also offered opportunities to reassess, challenge ourselves, and move forward.  This new project, Liminal Spaces, is my commitment to that process. 

The word liminal refers to a period or space of transition, occupying the space between one place or another.  Rebranding as Liminal Spaces in my love letter to that process.  From what began as a struggle to adapt to covid, has now bloomed into an opportunity to meet clients where they are and offer services better suited to their needs. 

To reflect these changes all previous services- Reiki, spiritual consultation, and Wicca classes- will continue to be offered online. Individual sessions will continue to be offered via Zoom and all classes will now be offered through an online classroom.   Currently, I’m also offering online tarot readings, psychic development mentorships, Reiki training and certification, and a variety of new class offerings.  I’m especially excited to announce a new Liminal Spaces product line offering incenses and spell mixes hand blended by me! 

Keep an eye on future issues of our newsletter for upcoming events, classes, services, and products!  For more information, check out the new website.

P.S.  All current clients, please note that future emails, invoices, and communication from me will be coming via

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